Thermal Camera Attic Inspections

Thermal cameras are a great tool to find problems in your attic. Whether you are looking for heat loss or to find intruders in your attic.

An infrared camera is an instrument which helps enables us to the large image. And, with FLIR cameras, it is possible to see how, when, and where energy conserving options could be executed. An infrared investigation of the home helps shield your home as well as your financial plan to diagnosing defective duct work from discovering insulation effectiveness.

A thermal imaging camera identifies routines of heat reduction which can be not visible to the naked eye. Thermal imaging immediately suggests the air flows inside a measurement and property data can be compiled into a report.

What is Hi-Tech Pest Control

Handling pests are one among challenging activities that usually appear simple. Pests reproduced and have the sense of impending danger. Therefore, the process of efficiently handling them requires adverse versatility and creativity. On the other hand, technology has been instrumental in easing the handling of issues that prove to be challenging. Technology has been of significant input with respect to providing solutions to problems that require unconventional approach to manage. It is by no surprise that there are Hi-Tech pest control implements that are aimed at controlling the pest menace. Technological approaches to pest control have existed over years. The process has evolved with continuous change in pest behavior and need for more measures of control. We asked pest control Toronto experts for some input on whether high tech approaches are more effective in pest control.

The common question among ordinary people when it comes to Hi-tech pest control is usually what is Hi-tech Pest Control? Hi-tech Pest Control involves the application of advance technological measures in controlling pests. Hi-tech pest control has many meaning to it depending on the particular pest and the method of arrest. However, Hi-Tech pest control is usually the implementation of technological measures to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of pest control.

Pest control has many parameters to it. Technological advancement has pursued to ensure that pest control is safe, fast, targets a specific pest without interfering with its immediate habitat, and provides complete annihilation of the pest. Hi-tech pest control implies a higher level of technological advancement that meets these parameters.

Pest control primary challenge is finding a method of controlling the pest without interfering with your environment and the ecosystem. Most of the pesticides are harmful to the environment and unpleasant to use. Pest control also requires that the measure of control is one that is effective. Chemical measures have been preferred in these cases because of their effectiveness and selection of specific pests. However, a challenge exists in obtaining a measure that is eco-friendly yet effectively controls the pest infestation because chemical approaches are usually unfriendly to the environment. To address these issues, companies have come up with specific measures that target a specific pest based on its behavioral trends. This has been the most effective approach to developing a pest control measure that kills the best without adverse effects on the environment. However, this measure is very specific to a particular pest. The process of pest control becomes expensive and untenable for those who are infected by a variety of pests.

With Hi-tech pest control, the selection process has been adjusted to a particular class of pest. The most successful Hi-tech pest control measures are physical measures that attract a particular class of pest and destroy them as they are captured. Measures such as the fly trap that attracts a variety of flying pests and traps them to their death are an example of Hi-tech pest control. Many companies have been established to provide Hi-tech pest control. The sector has invested heavily in research and development to come up with Hi-tech pest controls that are complaint with the environmental rules and effective, as well. Companies such as Rentokil have devised technological approaches that have proven effective in pest control

Technologies Adopted From The Animal Kingdom

Engineers and doctors have a huge task as the whole world is watching to see what they are going to develop next for the purpose of sustainability and economic growth. As they follow this path, they often look to nature to inspire them to solve certain solutions. Scientists use animals and their technologies to improve our everyday life for example,  biomimicry is used by human to create processes or product that has its inspiration from nature or use animals like raccoons to study psychology or to teach people about raccoon life and habits in urban areas. The following are five technologies adopted from the animal.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is giving the computer the ability to think like human beings. Decades ago, the computer was only able to calculate large numbers. They could not think by themselves. However, today, computer scientists are making that but a reality. In 2008, computer scientists used a supercomputer to simulate the brain of mouse, in 2009 researchers at Cornell University were able come up with a program that could derive the basic law of motion by observing pendulum movements. All the program did was taking measurements and running some generic algorithm.

2. Treating cancer

Viruses are small particles in fact, they are nanometers and have the ability to seek out certain cell types before replicating. Using this ability, doctors together with engineers are working to come up with a method of curing cancer on a cell-by-cell basis. What they are doing is that they are creating Nano particles that can seek out a cancer cell, infiltrate it and get rid of it. They are planning to use this technology to eliminate cancer cells alone while the body cells remain intact

3. Sticking on walls

For a long time, man looked for ways to stick items on walls. This was until 1941 when Swiss engineer Georges de Mestral was picking burrs that had stuck on his clothes and on the fur of his dog. Later on. he placed one of the burrs under a microscope, and he observed that the burr had tiny barbs that allowed it to stick on the surface of a passing creature. This is where the engineer got the idea of making Velcro. The other one is the gecko tape. This material uses Nanoscopic hairs to cling to the surface. The nanoscopic hairs mimic the hairs on the surface of a gecko’s tail.

4. Bullet proof made of spider web

It is exciting to see how a spider’s web stretches when insect lands on it and how it returns to its original shape thereafter. This is a combination of high strength and elasticity demonstrated by the spider web. The spider web gets its strength from protein polymer from which they are made while the elasticity is because of certain microstructure, which the spider conveys to the strands by massaging it. Researchers are intending to create similar polymers to compete with the human made materials like Kevlar and carbon fiber This polymer is to be used to make bullet proofs vests using the traits of a spider web, they want to combine thin filaments with high strengths and elasticity.

5. Swim suites

The skin surface of a shark has ten scales per millimeter. These scales are more like indentations that are found on a golf ball. Along the scales, there are micro-turbulences whirling water close to the body reducing friction drag on the outer layers of the water around the body. By imitating the microstructure of the shark’s skin one of the leading manufacturers of swimwear came up with the “Speedo Fastskin.” This suit gives the swimmer a lower frictional drag allowing the athletes move faster in water. There are many other that have not been mentioned, so the next time you are thinking of a certain solution, look at the environment and you will find your solution.

The Major Uses of Ultrasound

The use of ultrasound in clinical cases is prominent especially in obstetrics and gynecology, cancer detection and cardiology. Ultrasound is normally preferred to other measures like X-ray because of some apparent merits. For instance, ultrasound is done faster than the common X-ray procedure or other radiographic techniques. Another advantage of ultrasound is the ability to observe some structures without using radiation Some Major Uses of Ultrasound

Ultrasound is predominantly used in the following clinical settings:


In this clinical scenario, ultrasound is normally used to see the inner parts of the heart to identify any abnormalities in its structure or functioning. It is also fundamental in measuring blood flow through major blood vessels, as well as the heart.


In this area, ultrasound plays a key role in measuring and determining the amount of blood flowing through the kidney. It is also used as a means of seeing kidney stones. Furthermore, ultrasound is greatly used in the process of prostate cancer detection during its initial stages. Obstetrics and


Ultrasound has numerous uses in obstetrics and gynecology. They include the following:

1. Ultrasound is used to determine the due date of a fetus inside the womb.

2. It is used to determine the fetus’ position inside the womb, whether it is in the normal head-down position, or otherwise.

3. Using ultrasound, it is possible to see the number of the fetus in the womb.

4. Ultrasound is also used to check the position of the placenta. This is necessary to ascertain whether or not the placenta is developing usually relative to the cervix.

5. Another important use of ultrasound in this field is the detection of ectopic pregnancies. An ectopic pregnancy is a situation whereby the fetus is implanted in the fallopian tubes and not in the mother’s womb. This scenario puts the lives of both the mother and the baby in danger

6. Besides, ultrasound is a common way of determining whether there is enough amniotic cushioning the fetus inside the uteruses.

7. Ultrasound is crucial in monitoring the fetus during highly specialized procedures such amniocentesis Before realizing and adopting the use of ultrasound in such cases, doctors used to undertake the sensitive procedures blindly, putting the fetus and the mother under serious risks. Ultrasound has been a great relief since the danger involved in such procedures have been eliminated.

8. Furthermore, ultrasound is an invaluable technique in seeing tumors of the breast and ovary.

9. Other important functions of ultrasound are determination of a fetus’ sex and measurement of its growth rate over time.

Although the merits of ultrasound are quite overwhelming, there are some notable limitations associated with this technique.

They include the following:

1. It has been noted that water and tissues absorb the ultrasound energy which raises the local temperatures of the affected tissues.

2. Cavitation, or formation of bubbles: this occurs due to the dissolution of gases coming out of solution as a result of an increase in the local heat.

Pest Control

Today many people started using ultrasound to protect their houses from pests. This sound is not recognized by people, however, wild animals like mice, raccoons and squirrels, even cockroaches can hear this sound, and it is very destructing for them. Majority of these animals and insects can not handle this sound, and they prefer to run away. I believe it is very smart application for this technology that makes home improvement of a house very easy. However ultrasound is not extremely popular and effective method of pest control, you need to remember about classic pest control solutions and some of them you can find online.

However, ultrasound has not been associated with other ill effects as is the case in most other radiographic techniques. Nevertheless, this method should be used only when necessary, as a precaution against the unknown dangers that may exist.